Learning from the life of Rahmatul Lil Alamin; Muhammad (saw

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Learning from the life of Rahmatul Lil Alamin; Muhammad (saw

Postby Moonbeam » 21 Dec 2014, 13:30

Learning from the life of Rahmatul Lil Alamin; The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

Sarcasm - today has become a very normal thing in our life. It is accepted, appreciated and applauded. It's cool to be sarcastic. Never mind that, by belittling someone with your smart aleck retorts, you are actually hurting them, even though everyone else around you finds it funny when you do so.

Amongst the many things that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) has taught us, Akhlaq is perhaps the main thing that we learn from him and his life. The Akhlaq with which he talked, ate, slept, prayed and carried out each and every aspect of life is exemplary.

The main attraction that everyone felt towards him amongst his many attributes was the way he talked to people. Always humble, smiling and polite. He never looked down on any one; treating all equally and always encouraged everyone to do the same.

We can thus learn this lesson from his life and start applying it NOW!


Avoid being sarcastic and encourage others to also stop using sarcasm as a way of being cool. Think before you speak.

This is also very important in today's world when Islam is being portrayed very negatively to the world. The way you talk and deal with your fellow colleagues, Muslim or non-Muslim will carry a louder impact then the negativity that seems to be prevailing as Islam.

We have the best of teachings in the Holy Prophets way of life. That is why he is a mercy for mankind from the beginning of civilization till the very end.

Keep these three golden rules in mind while speaking:
Is what you are saying true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

If we all filter our thoughts and words according to these three criteria, certainly the world would be a much better place to live in!

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