Birth Dates, Dates of Martydom, Causes of Martydom and the place of their graves. Not merely factual, but also discussions on their exemplary lives.
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Quote : ''I dont smoke but i keep a match box in my pocket. When my heart slips towards a sin, I burn a match stick & heat my palm. Then i say to myself. I cant bear even this heat, How would I bear the unbearable heat of hell''

(1) Refrain from sleeping between Subah and Ishraq; Asr and Maghrib; Maghrib and Isha

(2) Avoid sitting with stingy people

(3) Don’t sleep between people who sit

(4) Don’t eat and drink with your left hand

(5) Don’t eat those food you have taken out between your teeth

(6) Don’t break your knuckles

(7) Don’t look at the mirror in the night

(8) Don’t look at the sky while in salaath

(9) Don’t spit in the toilet

(10) Don’t clean your teeth with charcoal

(11) Sit and wear your trousers

(12) Don’t break tough things with your teeth

(13) Don’t blow on your food when it’s hot

(14) Don’t look for faults of others

(15) Don’t talk between iqamath and azan

(16) Don’t speak in the toilet

(17) Don’t speak tales about your friends

(18) Don’t antagonize your friends

(19) Don’t look behind frequently while walking

(20) Don’t stamp your feet while walking

(21) Don’t be suspicious about your friends

(22) Don’t speak lies at anytime

(23) Don’t smell and eat

(24) Speak clearly so others can understand

(25) Avoid travelling alone

(26) Don’t decide on your own but consult others who know

(27) Don’t be proud of yourself

(28) Don’t be sad about your food

(29) Don’t boast

(30) Don’t chase the beggars

(31) Treat your guests well with good heart

(32) Be patient when in poverty

(33) Assist a good cause

(34) Think of your faults and repent

(35) Do good to those who do bad to you

(36) Be satisfied with what you have

(37) Don’t sleep too much- it will cause forgetfulness

(38) Repent at least 100 times a day

(39) Don’t eat in darkness

(40 ) Don’t eat mouthful

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Re: Quotes

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One who memorizes 40 hadith shall be raised by Allah as a learned scholar on the Day of Resurrection and be amongst the Prophets and Pious ones.”

~ Prophet Muhammad (S)

12th Imam

* 1. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “The person who dies without knowing the Imam of his time has died the same as one who died during the Age of Ignorance.”


* 2. Imam Ali (AS) said: “Accept the apology of your Muslim brother and if he has not any, invent one for him yourself.”

Asking for Forgiveness

* 3. Imam Ali (AS) said: “Perfume yourself with repentance so that the bad smell of your sins does not disgrace you.”


* 4. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “The abandoning of backbiting is more valuable to Allah, than reciting 10,000 rak’at of recommended prayers.”

Behavior of People and Food

* 5. Imam Ali (AS) said: Be afraid of someone when he is hungry and of a mean person when his stomach is full.

Being Thankful

* 6. Imam Ali (AS) said: When blessings come to you, do not drive them away through not being thankful.


* 7. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: “Treat your illnesses with charity and keep away hardship by prayer.”
* 8. Imam Ali (AS) said: Do not feel ashamed if the amount of charity is small because to refuse the needy is an act of greater shame.

Dental Hygiene

* 9. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “If it were not hard upon my Ummah, I would enjoin them to brush their teeth with every prayer.”


* 10. Imam Ali (AS) said: “It may happen that you ask Allah for something and He does not give it to you in order to shower you with something much better later.”


* 11. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Man is influenced by the faith of his friends. Therefore, be careful of whom you associate with.”
* 12. Imam Ali (AS) said: Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them through his deeds.
* 13. Imam Ali (AS) said: Lack of friends means, being stranger in one’s own country.
* 14. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: “My most beloved brother is he who makes me aware of my faults.”
* 15. Imam Sajjad (AS) said: “The meeting of the righteous invites you to goodness.”
* 16. Imam Ali (AS) said: A friend cannot be considered a friend unless he is tested on three occasions: in time of need, behind your back and after your death.
* 17. Imam Ali (AS) said: If a friend envies you, then he is not a true friend.

For Allah Only

* 18. Imam Ali (AS) said: The best form of service of Allah is not to make a show of it to others.

Good Actions

* 19. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Ask questions from the learned, speak with the wise, and associate with the poor.”

Good Temper

* 20. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Anger spoils Faith just as vinegar spoils honey.”
* 21. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: “He who restrains his anger, Allah will cover his faults.”


* 22. Imam Ali (AS) said: Greed is permanent slavery.


* 23. Imam Husayn (AS) said: “Seventy rewards are the share of the one who initiates a ‘greeting’ and only one reward belongs to the one who returns the ‘greeting’.”


* 24. Imam Ali (AS) said: Grief is half of old age.


* 25. Imam Ali (AS) said: If you cannot get things as much as you desire than be happy with what you have.

Hanging Out

* 26. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: “A Muslim believer must not attend a gathering where Allah’s laws are being disobeyed and one is not in a position to stop them.”


* 27. Imam Ali (AS) said: Hardships often bring good qualities to the front.


* 28. Imam Ali (AS) said: Hearts of people are like wild beasts. They attach themselves to those who love and train them.


* 29. Imam Ali (AS) said: An ignorant person will always overdo a thing or neglect it totally.

Keeping Secrets

* 30. Imam Ali (AS) said: “The worst form of betrayal is the sharing secrets that someone has trusted you with.”

Know it All

* 31. Imam Ali (AS) said: One who imagines himself to be all-knowing will surely suffer on account of his ignorance.


* 32. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “The Quran is Allah’s university; so, learn as much as you can in this university.”
* 33. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “A good question is half of learning.”


* 34. Imam Ali (AS) said: “Never, never will success be reached by remaining idle and lazy.”

Loose of Opportunity

* 35. Imam Ali (AS) said: To lose or to waste an opportunity will result in grief and sorrow.

Love of Ahlul Bayt

* 36. The Holy Prophet (AS) said: “Make your gatherings lively with the remembrance of Ali-ibn-Abi-Talib.”

Namaaz Jamaat

* 37. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “One prayer of a man in congregation is worthier than his forty years of prayers at home alone.

On Becoming Sick

* 38. Imam Ali (AS) said: When you get ill do not get nervous about it, try as much as possible to be hopeful.

Other’s Faults

* 39. Imam Ali (AS) said: “The most vicious person is he who looks for other people’s defects while he overlooks his own faults.”


* 40. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “The pleasure of Allah lies in the pleasure of one’s parents and His wrath lies in their wrath.”


* 41. Imam Ali (AS) said: One who cannot benefit by patience will die in grief.


* 42. Imam Ali (AS) said: “If a praying person knew to what extent he was surrounded by Allah’s Mercy, he would never raise his head from sajdah.
* 43. Imam Baqir (AS) said: “On the Day of Judgment, the first thing that a person will be asked about is their prayer; if it is accepted, the rest of their good actions will be accepted.


* 44. Imam Ali (AS) said: Pride dulls the ability of judgment and wisdom.


* 45. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “He whose two days of life are the same-making no spiritual progress is at loss.”

Refreshing the Mind

* 46. Imam Ali (AS) said: Like your body your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings.

Removing Evil

* 47. Imam Ali (AS) said: If you want to remove evil from the minds of others then first give up evil intentions yourself.

Seeking Advice

* 48. Imam Ali (AS) said: One who seeks advice learns to realize his mistakes.


* 49. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Do not look at the size of the sin, but see whom you have sinned against.”
* 50. Imam Ali (AS) said: “The tears do not dry up except for the hearts being hard, and hearts do not harden but because of the abundance of sins.”
* 51. Imam Ali (AS) said: One, who guards his secrets has complete control over his affairs.
* 52. Imam Ali (AS) said: It is wiser to keep away from sin then to repent.

The Best Deed

* 53. Imam Ali (AS) said: The best deed of a great man is to forgive and forget.

The One Who warns You

* 54. Imam Ali (AS) said: Whoever warns you against sins and vices is like the one who gives you good news.

The Tongue

* 55. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Pain caused by the tongue is worse than that caused by the strike of the blade of a sword.”
* 56. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “The destruction of man lies in three (things): his stomach, his evil wishes, and his tongue.
* 57. Imam Ali (AS) said: “Tongue is a beast, if it is let loose, it devours.”
* 58. Imam Rida (AS) said: “Be truthful and avoid telling lies.”
* 59. Imam Ali (AS) said: A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks.
* 60. Imam Ali (AS) said: The wiser a man is, the less talkative will he be.

Treatment of Others

* 61. Imam Hassan (AS) said: “Treat others similar to the way you would like for them to treat you.”
* 62. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “He who hurts a Muslim believer, surely he has hurt me.”

Value of Someone

* 63. Imam Ali (AS) said: A man can be valued through what he says.

Way of Living

* 64. Imam Ali (AS) said: Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

Your Expressions

* 65. Imam Ali (AS) said: Often your utterances and expressions of your face leak out the secrets of your hidden thoughts.

Samuel Goldwyn - "I'm willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong." :D
Muhammad Mahdi - "Photography is a form of hunting where that which is shot, lives forever"

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