Part of the Sermon of Bibi Fatimah (as)

Birth Dates, Dates of Martydom, Causes of Martydom and the place of their graves. Not merely factual, but also discussions on their exemplary lives.
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Part of the Sermon of Bibi Fatimah (as)

Postby Fatimah Zahra Karim » 08 Jun 2008, 21:32


All praise is for the Almighty Allah in that He has bestowed bounties. Gratitude is due to Him in that He has endowed Man with discrimination between vice and virtue. Glory is for Him in that He has bounties widespread irrespective of entitlement. He has favoured mankind with His superb Awards-without number. They are awards which exceed the limit of gratitude. The sense of perpetuity transcends human competence. The Almighty Allah induced mankind for increased favours through gratefulness so that the awards should continue forever. He demanded praise from His creatures on the grounds of the affluent awards. He then induced them to be grateful for the blessings of the hereafter like the worldly blessings

I bear witness that there is no deity but the Almighty Allah. He is Unique. He has no associate. The affirmation of oneness of Allah is a formula, the exposition of which is sincerity. It is only the person whose actions are free from hypocrisy and pollution, solely for the sake of Almighty Allah who is, in fact, the believer in the oneness of Allah. Human reason is tasked to rise up to the significance of this formula. The deeper meanings of the formula have been made manifest by the logical appeal to the faculty of the mind. He is Allah, who is beyond physical vision. The speaking faculty of Man is incapable of expressing His attributes. Nor can imagination comprehend his being. He created all the things without any pre-existing raw materials. He brought the universe into being without keeping any model before Him.

The things He created by means of His Omnipotence and His own supreme will, although He did not stand in need of creating these things, nor had He anything to gain by bestowing physical form. He created these things that there may be a proof of His superb Omniscience that:
• The Human may be a proof of His omniscience.
• They may be grateful and obedient to Him.
• The divine omnipotence may be manifest.
• Mankind should profess servitude to Him.
• The Prophets should triumph in the matter of calling mankind to Him.

He then placed reward on obedience to Him. He prescribed penalties for sinning, so that He may rescue His creatures from His torment and lead them to paradise.

I bear witness that my revered father Muhammad (saw) is His servant and his messenger.
If Allah assists you, there is none that can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, then who is there that can assist you after Him? And on Allah should the believers rely (Qur'an 3:160)

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