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Postby Insaan » 04 Sep 2011, 07:11


I think I am developing piles. But I am not too sure.

Can you tell me symptoms of piles by which I can be sure if its piles or not. Its painful and the size of a large pimple.

How can i treat it?
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Re: Piles

Postby qamar » 29 Dec 2011, 18:49

dont know about piles but just bumping this question for the docs
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Re: Piles

Postby Muhammad » 30 Dec 2011, 10:54

Piles ( also known as hemorrhoids) are swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus that are painful.

Why do they develop?
Most common reason is over-straining during bowel movements. This results in increased pressure in the veins and hence they get swollen and painful. They are also fairly common during pregnancy and after delivery ( again, due to increased straining pressure). Another culprit for piles is anal infections.

We can classify broadly into 2 types -
a) External - That hang out the anus
b) Internal - these are inside

how does one know s/he has piles?
They may encounter itching, pain (especially during bowel movements and while sitting) and bright red blood in the stool. They may also feel some lumps near the anus.

When one visits a doctor, its a fairly simple finding on examination many a times and very few if any tests are done.

There is a wide range of treatment which includes
- corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone can help reduce the swelling
- there are special creams for hemorrhoids that help reduce pain
- use stool softners to reduce straining

And ofcourse visit a doctor if the pain or swelling persists!

How can we prevent this?
Drinking plenty of water
high fiber diet
stool softners
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