Pain in right shoulder & right upper arm

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Pain in right shoulder & right upper arm

Postby Insaan » 15 Sep 2009, 22:47


* Age: 55+
* Sex: Female
* Past diagnoses: Allergy (meat, chicken, pollen), borderline cholestrol, synus
* Family history: no heart problems, no diabetes
* Current medications: Repace 50
* Short (max 2 paragraphs) description of your problem.
For quite some time (1.5yrs) I have been experiencing severe pain in my upper right shoulder and radiating pain in my upper right arm. The pain usually appears at night and is quite severe. I have tried medicine for muscle problems, nerve problems and blood-thinners (aspirin). The pain goes away at times and reappears at times.

I recently even tried some physio which helped slightly. The therapist advised cervical x-ray. I have yet to take the xray

* your question
1. Any hints on what I could be suffering from? (i can provide more info if need be)
2. Would you recommend I take the cervical x-ray? If yes, which hospital's x-ray dept would you recommend?
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Re: Pain in right shoulder & right upper arm

Postby suhelc » 27 Sep 2009, 17:43

From what you have mentioned, I think you might be suffering from cervical spondylosis. It is one of the common problems that affects the elderly people. As for pain being severe at night, the muscles of the neck usually get relaxed at night hence the splint is lost thererfore the pain arising mainly at night.
Yes, a cervical x-ray would definitely help to make the diagnosis and in most cases, treatment is physiotherapy. However, certain cases with specific points may require surgery.
I advice you do the x-ray and see and Orthopaedic specialist.
Any hospital is fine for an x-ray.
Dr. Chagani

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