Any Doc Having My Unanswered Question Answered

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Any Doc Having My Unanswered Question Answered

Postby Zaheer » 21 Feb 2007, 20:13

to the doc of ask,

i havent yet recieved the answer to my question any1 having any idea pls help me...

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Re: Any Doc Having My Unanswered Question Answered

Postby qamar » 29 Dec 2011, 18:48

where is the ? brthr?

the docs are back
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Re: Any Doc Having My Unanswered Question Answered

Postby Muhammad » 29 Dec 2011, 23:46

I can only see one reference other than this from Br. Zaheer. This was about the cause and cure of palpitations.

First of all, for the benefit of all we need to know what palpitations are.
In laymen's words palpitations is being aware of heartbeats.
Everyone of us are aware of our heartbeats at sometime or the other throughout the day. Can anyone guess when?
1) When we do strenuous activities
2) After having tea

So this is what is normally referred to as physiological ( normal functioning and compensatory mechanism of heart) During exercise or strenuous exercise the muscle needs more oxygen so heart needs to work faster.. I hope I am making myself clear. Also there is release of a substance called ADRENALINE which results into faster heartbeats and hence being aware of ones heartbeats.
Also when we get anxious ( for students during exams, or for businessman during meetings with higher authorities) we tend to be aware of our heartbeats.

Above was the normal functioning of the body.

Now coming to abnormal
There is not one cause but can be many and one has to be checked by the physician to know what the exact problem is. Some common causes include:
1)Hyperthyrodism - over functioning of THYROID gland. This will present with with awareness of heartbeat together with weight loss,increased appetite, increased bowel movements heat intolerant, emotional intolerant
and restlessness. one has to do lab tests such as T3,T4 and TSH.
2)Anemia - low blood levels can cause less oxygen to be available in the periphery of the body, hence heart over works. lab test include Hemoglobin level
3)certain medication such as those taken by asthmatic patients known as anti-histamines can also cause palpitations.

All is all, cause of palpitations are many. So my advice - if they persist visit a doctor and get checked!
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