A mere piece of clothing has been creating turmoil all around the world. I cant help but wonder, what threat does this simple way of dress pose to those who oppose it...and what does hijab mean to women?
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Postby Tanveer » 03 Nov 2004, 12:57

Shells protect a precious pearl,
to protect a bud the petals curl.
Thorns are there to protect a Rose,
O Women! More precious
than the most precious pearls,
more delicate than the daintiest bud,
more frangrant than the most fragrant Rose,
for your protection,Hijab Allah chose.

O women!Protect yourself from
the gaze of men,
Beware of the lion when he comes
out of his den.
That is when he goes in search
of his prey,
Donot make yourself a feast
on his tray.
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Postby Tayyaba » 03 Nov 2004, 13:15

That's a very nice poem indeed...where'd u get it from?
It tells us how we women are soo precious but we still wanna be the feast for the lion by not wearin hijab...
Tayyaba Salim Kassam
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Postby Amreen » 03 Nov 2004, 19:30

it is a very nice poem...its teaches us how precious women are...
we know wat we rae and knw not wat we maybe

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