the veil....

A mere piece of clothing has been creating turmoil all around the world. I cant help but wonder, what threat does this simple way of dress pose to those who oppose it...and what does hijab mean to women?
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the veil....

Postby *Fatemah* » 12 Dec 2004, 16:12

The Hijab or the Islamic veil is the Muslim women dress code. Muslim women should wear lose clothes that cover the whole of their bodies, except their faces and their hands.

Yet, wearing the Hijab doesn't mean just putting a piece of cloth on your head; it is an attitude, a way of thinking and a behavior. Basically it constitutes an Islamic way of life; it is a statement which indeed should portray a certain attitude.

A Muslim woman should wear a long skirt and a scarf on her head, but if she flirts constantly and is not well mannered, then she can't be really described as wearing the Hijab (Clothes should be long, loose and not see through, after which any style of clothing is applicable). The whole idea involves conducting oneself with dignity at all times. The Hijab depicts a statement, and that is something one should be continually aware of. It identifies the woman as a Muslim (Yet it is not just a symbol).

Curiosity prompts people to question, and it is a good opportunity for a veiled woman to show the non-Muslims the beauty of Islam. A veiled woman may get the stares at times, but it is amazing how many are sincerely interested to learn about veil and about Islam in general. Hijab does not restrict the Muslim woman from doing the kind of things she want to do, it is a blessing because it makes her watch her behavior continuously. Anything (with the blessings of the Almighty, is possible) -studying, working etc. -provided it is within the bounds of Islam (Halal). However, sometimes the decision to wear the Hijab is not very easy for some women, and this could be a result of external pressures, notably family and friends. Unfortunately, some Non-Muslims, or Muslims who don't have good knowledge about Islam, consider wearing the Hijab being too "extreme". But what helps a Muslim woman and actually makes her enjoy wearing the Hijab, is the belief in Allah and the conviction that she's doing this only for the sake of Allah.

Also it is important to ascertain the motive behind wearing the Hijab. For instance a Muslim woman should not wear the Hijab just to please her husband, to impress people at the mosque, or just for the change. Muslim women wear the Hijab following God's commands, purely for the sake of Allah, and they do enjoy the feeling of satisfying God.

:arrow: Allah said in the Qur'an:
"Oh Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, and wives and daughters of the believers, to extend their outer garments around themselves, so that they would be distinguished and not molested. And God is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful".
(Qur'an, 33:59)

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