Role of Women/Wives in society

The decision to marry is one of great importance. How early should this decision be made? How early is too early? And everythign else about marriage

What is the primary role of women/wives in society?

To take care of her husband and family and the home
To earn a living to pay for her familys expenses
To study formal education, even if it is at the expense of marriage
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The role has to be the same as a mans role; Whatever he is allowed to do, she should be too
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Role of Women/Wives in society

Postby sadika » 02 May 2005, 12:16

The Women of the 21st Century have been "liberated". This is what the West claims about their women.

The effect it seems is worldwide.

A scenario in our own country: -

A proposal is brought to a girl, who is say 21 yrs old. She declines the proposal with the reason that she wants to pursue further education.

Ok, we all know that acquiring knowledge is very important, both for men and women. But then again Knowledge includes everything, not just the education one gets from a University. Knowledge can mean learning about Baby Care, learning about How to Raise kids, ,earning how to maintain a family and anything else...I mean anything that one can learn (not neccessarily from formal education, it can be from experience as well) is acquiring knowledge.

What is the role of women? Is it to leave their kids and husbands at home and to go out and work and earn a living? Should the husbands be the one who have the responsibility of 'turning a brick house into a comfortable home.'

I beleive that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah. But that doesnt mean that their roles are the same. IF they were both supposed to do the same thing, then why did Allah create them both. One would be enogh.

There must be a reason why it is the woman who has been blessed with pregnancy and not the man.

Just a few thoughts...comments are welcome
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Postby Muntazir Manji » 15 May 2005, 10:51


i agee when you say that women have a specific role to ply in a family.. i believe it is the woman who turns a brick house into a home...

However as far as edication is concerned, it is in my opinion very important that the mother is well educated.. We have been told by Imam Jaffer sadiq (As) to teach our daughters fiqh and how to read and write.. other to ive forgotten... this shows us for a shia woman education is very important, especilly in the field of religion..

When it comes down to girls turning down proposals because of educaiton, this i think is a mistake. Mariage is an instiution that is very important in islam and the sooner the better because it secures half your faith..

It is important for the girls to understand that in islam marriage is a contract between two people, you can agree onto certain terms before nikah and sign a document on those conditions.. in which you may include your freedom for education etc

Although at a certain point especially the girl does have to make many adjustments so as to effectively play her domestic role, but then hey life can be arranged right!..

thats my to cents on the issue..
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Postby abuali » 15 Feb 2007, 19:50

Very interesting topic...just came across it while going through the forums..

Any other opinions on this issue?

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