Love Vs Arrange Marriage

The decision to marry is one of great importance. How early should this decision be made? How early is too early? And everythign else about marriage

Love Vs Arranged Marriage... Which one is better ?

Love Marriage
Arranged Marriage
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Love Vs Arrange Marriage

Postby keenfarhan » 02 Mar 2007, 16:13

Im not sure if this topic has already been discussed on here or not... if it has then pardon me as i wasnt much active before... if it hasnt... then y? Coz this is one of the most common discussions whenever the issue of marriage comes up... So what do u ppl think? Which one is better...

To make things clearer let me just define what i think is love marriage and what is arranged...

Love - When the guy and girls know each other pretty much very well from school or something like that and they talk to their parents regarding marriage ( love is for lack of a better term )

Arranged - When the parents choose the spouse for their children.. can be someone the child just knows or doesnt know at all..
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Postby abuali » 02 Mar 2007, 20:52

As per those definitions, arranged doesnt happen anymore...maybe in very remote villages or cultures...

I have a term for what you have described as Love marriage...I call it Semi-arranged marriage.

Correct me if I am wrong.
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Postby qarrar » 03 Mar 2007, 01:53

hasin wrote:As per those definitions, arranged doesnt happen anymore...maybe in very remote villages or cultures...

I am not entirely sure about that…

Semi arranged marriage would be a better term, so we end up with three categories:

i. Love marriage; were marriage is a mere formality to give the relationship a decent title.
ii. Semi arranged; I would add to keenfarhan’s definition that the guy and girl could have liked each other from before but are only not ‘involved’.
iii. Arranged; that like factor I mentioned above could have a bearing on this category as-well, perhaps not from both sides, only just one.
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