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God through the Game Model

Posted: 31 Jul 2012, 20:01
by Muhammad Mahdi
The existence of God is a matter that has been discussed and debated for centuries. Even those who claim to believe in God continue to have uncertain moments when they ask themselves questions like

Why is God, god?
Why did he create us?

When these questions are put before theologians or scholars they provide complex answers which are hardly ever understood by the ordinary man. We are told by some that it takes years of study to get an understanding of such issues whilst others dismiss these issues as evidence of uncertain faith.

Being a computer programmer and a game designer, I have a model that attempts to easily answer these questions from a layman's point of view. Before explaining the model let me brief you as to what a programmer does.

A programmer/game maker has the ability to create a virtual world. In such a world, he is its god. He can create what he wants, when he wants. With this in mind, consider God as a programmer who has created this amazing game where we are all players or consider yourself a programmer who has created a virtual world. Whatever you want to create is at your fingertips, you wish it to happen and it happens. Kun fayakun, be and it is.

Now when we go to our doubts, the questions that we get, sound very logical and intelligent but we will see that when we put them into the context of the game model, they will seem trivial at best.

Why is God god? This is similar to the character in the game asking why I am the game designer and not him. How can a game character limited to the game's environment, to the virtual world, be the creator?

Why did God create us? This is similar to why I created the game and the characters. As a programmer and game maker, making the game is what is expected of me. If I did not program then one would ask why I was not doing my job. If I was doing my job, would one ask why?

When did God start existing? Going to the game model, the game's time starts after the game is created. Before that, there is no time. A game character limited to the game time can not comprehend of an existence before the game. How can we comprehend God's existence when He is beyond our time?

Why is there suffering in the world? This question is very popular with atheists. Applying the game model, consider the situation where a football game, Say PES or Fifa is being played. A player advances and is one on one with the keeper whilst his teammate stands next to him. The player with the ball has the choice, he can shoot the ball or pass it. If he shoots and misses, the other player will complain, why was he not given the ball? This complaint is similar to ours when we ask why the so much suffering in the world. The fact that there was a choice, will lead to a deviation from the ideal if a wrong choice is made.

But a good game maker does not force the ideal, otherwise scoring goals would be too easy; thus he provides many ways and it is up to the characters to choose the best path. Similarly, God has given us free will; sure he can force his way but he wants us to choose the right path. The suffering is the result of humans making the wrong choices.

Next time you get a doubt, apply the Game model and see if it solves it for you.

Re: God through the Game Model

Posted: 02 Aug 2012, 18:33
by qamar
nice way to look at it [up] and pretty logical too