Pyramids and Eyes

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Muhammad Mahdi
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Pyramids and Eyes

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 13 Feb 2012, 11:20

Generally, I pride myself on not being a conspiracy theorist. So when I received a mail yesterday claiming an "Islamic nasheed" had the pyramid and the eye, I was skeptical.

"What has this nut job sent me? In what dark corner or nook would I have to imagine seeing the symbols to say yes I saw them?" I wondered.

I opened the video and the symbols were right there before me. I didn't even need to search for them.
I will link the video below so you can check it out for yourself but before that....

These type of songs are considered by muslims to be halal. The song was also playing on IBNTV some time ago.
Are we right to listen to them?

See for yourself and tell me if I have gone nutty as well [up]
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Fatimah Zahra Karim
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Re: Pyramids and Eyes

Postby Fatimah Zahra Karim » 19 Feb 2012, 00:39

Given what "The Arrivals" claim about these symbols, it's a little freaky that islamic nasheeds have not been spared. And am I the only one, or is the video more like a regular non-muslim music video than an islamic nasheed? Lotsa music in it too.
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