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Postby Insaan » 11 Dec 2014, 18:17

Salaam doc,
please can you advice on the following issues during pregnancy of one who has minor thelesimia;
1. Is it necessary to take folic acid tablets?
2.can she take iron capsules due to low iron level ?
3. is it ok to take primperan tablets and the likes given to stop vomiting? are they safe for the fetus?
5. any food that should be avoided ?
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Re: pregnancy

Postby Sibtain » 11 Dec 2014, 23:37


1. Folic acid tablets are essential because they help prevent some birth defects in the newborn, so yes folic acid tablets are necessary. In fact, it is more better to start taking them before conceiving

2. Iron capsules can be taken if the iron levels are truly low. Check your iron levels at a hospital (Iron Studies) and confirm if iron levels are low and then you can take the iron tablets

3. Normally, we don't prefer giving medicines for vomiting that is mild. If vomiting becomes very severe, to the point the mother becomes dehydrated and weak, then an "anti-vomiting" medication is given and these are generally safe for the fetus

4. Food choices for the pregnant lady are the same for any person. Make sure you have healthy, well cooked food and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Some experts advice limiting your caffeine intake during pregnancy as this may affect the baby e.g coffee, soft drinks etc.

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