[Answered]Testing TB

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[Answered]Testing TB

Postby Insaan » 20 Aug 2014, 06:24

(salam) doctor

I have been asked by my school to test and submit TB results before start of the course.

Can you enlighten me on how TB is tested?

Any recommendations on the best laboratory in Dar for TB test?

Ahsante sana
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Username: Insaan
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Re: Testing TB

Postby Sibtain » 20 Aug 2014, 07:12


Generally, TB is of two types:
1. Pulmonary TB - basically means TB in the lungs - which is contagious
2. Extrapulmonary TB - basically means TB outside the lungs i.e. in other organs - which is not contagious

Since this is for school purposes, I'm assuming they are referring to the Pulmonary TB type which is contagious

For Pulmonary TB, there are a number of ways you can diagnose, but the most simplest way is by use of a Chest X-ray, which would reveal some specific signs of TB, if present

Another important test is to check your Sputum under the microscope for evidence of the TB bacteria, and in some cases do a culture

Other less commonly employed options include:
1. PPD test - Where a small amount of chemical is injected under the skin to see if there is any reaction after 48-72 hours

2. Blood test for what is called "ADA"

Ofcourse, without the classical symptoms for TB (cough, fever, night sweats, weight loss), it is unlikely that you would have TB

As to where would be the best option to test for TB in Dar, most of the hospitals in town do the basic Chest Xray and Sputum testing for TB

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