[Answered]Birth Control and Fertility

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[Answered]Birth Control and Fertility

Postby Insaan » 11 Nov 2013, 12:22


Married for over a year and still using birth control pills.
Is it okay if i continue for 2 more years ? or i need to take a break and continue.

We want children but not now..i am afraid if i continue to use the pills then i might not get pregnant one i want.

Kindly advice on the above and the best birth control Method

God Bless
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Username: Insaan
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Re: Birth Control and Fertility

Postby Sibtain » 12 Nov 2013, 15:17


Birth control pills are an effective method as long as they don't give you side effects, in fact it is among the most preferred methods for birth control.

Pills can be used for long periods (even 2 years as you stated) and are totally reversible once they are stopped. So pills DO NOT affect fertility once they are stopped.

Do remember that in some few cases, side effects occur, the most feared being venous thrombosis (blood clots). But again these usually occur in people who have other underlying risk factors.

One useful way to remember the side effects, and therefore a need to probably stop the pills, is by remembering the word ACHES i.e. Abdominal pain, Chest pain, Headache, Eye pain, Severe leg pain. If any one these develop and persist then do seek medical care.

As far as the best birth control method is concerned, there are a number of methods that one can use. From my research, these methods have been shown to be more effective than other methods if used correctly - Withdrawal method, birth control pills, hormonal patch, hormonal implants, hormonal injections and intrauterine devices.

Which method to use is usually the decision of the couple themselves i.e. depends on their comfort, access and affordability of these methods.

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