Haram/Zarih of Imams & Non-muslims entering

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Haram/Zarih of Imams & Non-muslims entering

Postby abuali » 13 Apr 2014, 14:50

Salaam Alaykum

Is it permissible for non-muslims to enter the harams of out Imams in Najaf, Karbala (including Hz. Abbas(as)), Kadhmain, Samarra, Mashhad (as well as Qum)?
Fatimah Zahra Karim
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Re: Haram/Zarih of Imams & Non-muslims entering

Postby Fatimah Zahra Karim » 19 Apr 2014, 10:13

I think the rule is that non-muslims are not allowed to enter the masajid and since (I think) there's a masjid built around each haram, that would limit them to coming only till the sahan. Please do correct me if I'm wrong in any of my assumptions and hence, my conclusion.
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