[Answered]Sajda on Mohr and sajdagah

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Mohammed Padhani
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[Answered]Sajda on Mohr and sajdagah

Postby Mohammed Padhani » 31 Oct 2013, 21:21

Salaam aleykum
1)When we pray namaaz we usually do two sajdas on every rakat on a mohr or something natural what is the philosophy of doing Sajdah on it ?
2) apart from mohr what other things can we do Sajdah on & why not do sajdah on colored substance?
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Re: Sajda on Mohr and sajdagah

Postby Sh.SaqalainAbbas » 15 Dec 2013, 09:55

Waalikumassalam wr wb
Real philosophy Allah knows no body can claim about actual wisdom of rules of shariah if we know this is the rules we have to submit it

Yes there are other things which are allowed to perform the Sajda on them check this link


Thanks jazakumullah

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