[Answered]Wedding Photos

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[Answered]Wedding Photos

Postby abuali » 02 Oct 2013, 11:08


For our wedding ceremonies in Dar es Salaam, it is common to have a photographer and/or videographer to capture the ceremonies by taking photos and video of the programs.

Apart from the Nikah and Sharwate-Shaadi Majlis, there are several other programs that the families can decide to hold such as:

1. Dudh Pinu
2. Friends Party
3. Ghor
4. Reception

Considering the bride and lady guests attend these occasions dressed up and beautified (by use of make-up, henna, ornaments and jewellery, bright coloured clothing, perfume/ood, hair showing etc), can you please advice on the following questions:

1. Would such videos/photos be considered to be in hijab when they are attractive to look at?
2. Is it allowed to have a na-mahram male photographer/video-grapher take photos/videos of the bride and/or ladies?
3. If a woman takes the photos/video, is it allowed for her to give the photos/videos to a na-mahram male for processing and editing?
4. Is it allowed for the families to then share such videos/photos with extended family members and friends (including na-mahram males) as a record of the wedding ceremonies?
5. Even if the photographer/video-grapher is a woman, generally, these days all photography/video-graphy is digital. The digital files can easily be stored in the photographer/video-graphers computer and her male family members would also have easy access to these files. Under such doubtful situation, what should momineen do?
6. Is it allowed to share such videos/photos on social media such as facebook where na-mahram men can easily view them?
7. To what level of precaution are momineen required to go to to ensure that their women's photos/videos without hijab are not seen/accessed by na-mahram men? Should they not have photos/videos, without proper hijab, taken at all?

Jazakallah khair for your time
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Re: Wedding Photos

Postby Sh.SaqalainAbbas » 03 Oct 2013, 09:16


salaam un alaikum wr wb

Ans 1 This is not permissible for them except for mascara and rings provided that they are safe from falling into forbidden activities and does not intend by it to excite non-mahram men.

Ans 2 same above answer

Ans 3 yes it is permissible when non-mahram dose not know them(ladies)

Ans 4 yes it is permissible if these are with proper hijab and there is no fear to falling into forbidden things and no intention of excite non -mahram men .

Ans 5 if there is fear like this that maybe these photograph can be used for forbidden activities it is wajib to take all resolution of precaution for safety of these photographs.

Ans 6 yes it is permissible if these are with proper hijab and there is no fear to falling into forbidden things and no intention of excite non -mahram men .

Ans 7 depends on category of viewers if you know that the person who can see these photographs are believer God fearing and reliable person and it is sure that these photographs could not be used in forbidden activities then with proper Hijab it is permissible to put these photographs in such places.

But if these photograph are not with proper Hijab and the viewers are not reliable and it is possible to use these photographs in forbidden activities and for to excite non -mahram men then it is not allowed to put these photographs in such places

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