[Answered]Death date of Bibi Umme Kulsoom (sa)

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Sukaina Mohamed
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[Answered]Death date of Bibi Umme Kulsoom (sa)

Postby Sukaina Mohamed » 24 Mar 2011, 12:09

Salamun Alaykum (wrbt)
Please i would like to know the date when lady umme kulsoom, died . Jazakallah. In the google search the only information that i got was that she died 2monthes and 20 days before sayyada zainab(sa) but i am not sure whether it is authentic or not so please could you clarify this for me.
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Re: Death date of Bibi Umme Kulsoom (sa)

Postby sadika » 14 Aug 2013, 20:14

i hv never come across her death date

y dont we commemorate her wafaat?
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Re: Death date of Bibi Umme Kulsoom (sa)

Postby Sh.SaqalainAbbas » 30 Sep 2013, 21:51

death of Bibi Umme Kulsoom (s.a) is very controversial topic of History Of Islam She was middle daughter of Imam Ali(a.s) and BiBi Syeda Fatima (s.a) her name was Zainab also but her nickname or surname was Umme Kulsoom her date of birth and death are not known clearly just in summation she borned in the last days of prophet Muhamad (s.a.m) and her death was after some time of shahadat of Iam Hussain (a.s)

reference : book muntahal aamaal v1 page 186


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