Non-Baligh boy join ladies jamaat prayers

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Non-Baligh boy join ladies jamaat prayers

Postby Umm.aly » 18 Dec 2010, 20:47


Can a non-baligh boy (7 or 8 yrs) pray in the jamat prayers in between two ladies (in the case that the ladies are also following an Imam (male).

Please advice in the case that:
1. The boy is in the first line of the ladies. And/or
2. He is in the second/third line of the ladies.

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Re: Non-Baligh boy join ladies jamaat prayers

Postby abuali » 25 Dec 2010, 13:02

my gut feeling is it should be ok.

however i feel in such a situation it would be better for the boy not to be in the first line. it would be even better for him to be at the end of the row in which he is standing.

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