Half a Million Bahrains to Hold 'Day of Rage' on Friday

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Half a Million Bahrains to Hold 'Day of Rage' on Friday

Postby Reyhana » 24 Mar 2011, 22:50

Half a Million Bahrains to Hold 'Day of Rage' on Friday
source: http://abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=233055

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Hundreds of Thousands Bahraini people planned a huge demonstration across the country on Friday, March 25.

Bahraini People announced plans for another "Day of Rage" on Friday in defiance of the martial law imposed since last week.

It should be said that 'Day of Rage' on Friday should be cover by all media and satellite channels or through forums, Facebook and Twitter. Eight routs have been marked for protests on Friday:

1 - Bahrain Airport.

2 - Royal Court.

3 - Safriya Palace (Western Region).

4 - March toward the Martyrs Roundabout.

5 - March out of Diraz region towards Qadam Roundabout.

6 - March on the main street of Sitrah.

7 - March in al Nawidrat, al Akar and al Ma'amir.

8 - Salmaniya Hospital.

Government crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in Bahrain has recently been aided by troops from Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, there is reports that the Saudi forces have forcefully taken about 100 people out of the hospital and shot them dead.

On March 16, Saudi forces stormed the Salmaniya hospital where hundreds of people were receiving treatment for injuries suffered in clashes with government forces a day earlier.

At least 24 Bahrainis have so far been martyred , almost 100 missing and about 1,000 others injured in anti-government protests that began in mid-February against the two-century long rule of al-Khalifa dynasty.
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