Second Introduction

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Second Introduction

Postby Muntazir » 15 Apr 2010, 22:17

Second Introduction

Islam is divided into three main studies:

1. اصول العقائد – Origins of Beliefs/ Islamic Theology
2. اصول الفقه/ احکام – The Fundamentals of Jurisprudence/ Islamic Laws
3. علم الاخلاق – Islamic Ethics and Morals

1. Origins of Beliefs/ Islamic Theology - اصول العقائد

Usool e-‘Aqaaid are five and it is very important for every Muslim to know them:

a. Oneness of ‘Allah (s.w.’a) – توحید (Tawheed)
b. Justice – عدالة (‘Adaalah)
c. Prophethood – نبوّة (Nabuwwah)
d. Leadership – امامة (Imaamah)
e. Resurrection - قیامة (Qiyaamah)

Following a Jurist فقیه/ مجتهد on these matters (اصول العقائد) is not permissible and it is حرام.

Every Muslim needs to have his/her own belief on ‘Aqaaid because belief is not taught, but he/she can study ‘Aqaaid to strengthen his/her proofs and reasons.

2. The Fundamentals of Jurisprudence/ Islamic Laws - اصول الفقه/ احکام

‘Allah (s.w.’a) has taught mankind how to pray, fast, travel, marry, pilgrimage, eat, talk, give charity, buy or sell goods, interact with the opposite gender, and… but do we have the time to open hundreds and thousands of books on traditions and the Qur’aan and research about each and every one of them one by one individually? This will take us a lifetime! Therefore, some people dedicate their lives on studying فقه and gathering the divine laws for the rest of the mankind. These people are known as the فقیه or مجتهد. Hence, it is compulsory on every Muslim to follow a Jurist otherwise no worship is accepted from us.

3. Islamic Ethics and Morals – علم الاخلاق

‘Allah (s.w.’a) has created Man physically (مادی) and also spiritually (روحی).

The physical being is what we are and how we see ourselves like, but our spiritual being is within ourselves and it is attacked almost everyday and every second of our lives just like how our physical being is attacked by pollution, unhealthy food, and…

When we get sick, our physical being in its reality is perfectly fine but because of our sickness our body turns weak and it starts to ask for support. The very same way, when our Soul (روح) is trapped in sins it turns dark and black and it continues to commit sins and takes us far away from the pure path of ‘Allah (s.w.’a), and when this happens nothing can save us except ‘Allah (s.w.’a) Himself which He wouldn’t do because He did not misguide us nor did He ask us to follow our evil desires rather we misguided ourselves and followed the path of شیطان.

علم الاخلاق teaches and trains us how to safeguard ourselves from the whispers of the Satan and how to strengthen our Souls (نفوس) to reach at the highest levels of Perfection towards ‘Allah (s.w.’a).

We will shortly begin with these lessons by the will of the Almighty!

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen.
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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