Praise of 'Allah [s.w.a]

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Praise of 'Allah [s.w.a]

Postby Muntazir » 13 Apr 2010, 19:16

In the name of 'Allah, the Beneficent, [and] the Merciful

Praise belongs to 'Allah [s.w.a], the First and the Last, the Unseen, and the Unimaginable, the Creator of all [things], the Master, the Leader, the Giver and the Taker, the Punisher, the Forgiver and the Just.

Praise belongs to ‘Allah [s.w.a], the [only] Powerful, the One from Whom strength is manifested to His weak creatures, the Knower, the Aware! The [only] Kind, the [only] Praised – all thanks be to ‘Allah [s.w.a], the Merciful, the Listener.

Praise belongs to ‘Allah [s.w.a], for His knowledge is vast and manifested, for the ability to offer Him our submission, for His Lordship, and for His Guardianship to why we survive in abundantness of His Givings.

Praise be to ‘Allah, the Pardoner, the Excuser, the Hider of our faults, the Adder of blessings and the Increaser of bounties.

Praise be to Him, the excellent of Creator, the Creator of beautiful Angels, the Creator of Heavens, the Creator of Kauthar, the Creator of the Seventh Sky, the Creator of Water – a means of life.

Praise be to Him and only Him Who created us for this world so that we reach to the highest Ranks and Kamaalaat to the Ilaahiyyah.

Praise be to ‘Allah, for His Oneness, for His Rasool, for his Aal, for His Justice and for the Ma’aad.

Praise be to ‘Allah, for all that I am incapable of thanking Him for.

Alhamdulillah, hamdulillaahi katheeran, katheeran wa katheeran.
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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