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“O' Moses! Do not have long desires because they harden your heart and whoever is hard-hearted is away from Me.” [Usool al-Kafi - Vol. 8, p. 42]

“O' Moses! Cry for the abundance of your sins, like a guilty one fleeing from his enemy.” [Usool al-Kafi - Vol. 8, p. 42]

“O’ Moses! Do not be neglectful of Me and do not exult in the multitude of your riches.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 45]

“O’ Moses! Hasten in repentance and refrain from committing sins.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 46]

“O’ Moses! Welcome sinful people who come to you to seek shelter, and tell them they are relieved. Ask for their forgiveness, truly ‘Allah is Great! And be like one of them for themselves.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 48]
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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