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“Whoever intends to do a good deed but cannot, shall have it written as one good deed; and if he can do it, it shall be written as ten like it.” [Usool al-Kafi - Vol. 2, p. 440]

“A good deed has tenfold rewards and a sin is destructive.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 49]

“Being grateful makes you free from need and increases favours.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. , p. 94]

“Be whoever you wish; as you saluted, you will be saluted.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 138]

“Having much wealth makes people neglectful of one’s sins.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 497]

“Keep your tongue behind your wisdom so that you will be safe.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 498]

“Speak the same in the absence or presence of people.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 134]

“Woe to people who deceitfully sell their religion for this world.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 299]

“Since any tree is not perfect without the fruit, faith is not complete without avoiding forbidden acts.” [Ilal ash-Sharaaya’ – Vol. 1, p. 250]
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