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Postby Muntazir » 12 Dec 2010, 10:22


“Truly, I forgive the Muslims who have accepted the leadership of the just Imam appointed by 'Allah.” [Usool al-Kafi - Vol. 1, p. 376]

“O’ Muhammad! Whoever bothers the leader I appointed, he has waged a battle against Me.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 352]

“Offer your brother, ‘Ali [‘a.s], the glad-tidings that I do not punish his friends and have no mercy on his enemies.” [Amaali as-Sadooq – P. 39]

“Admitting the leadership of ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taalib [‘a.s] is My fortress. Whoever enters it will be safe from My punishment.” [‘Uyoon Akhbaar ar-Ridhaa [‘a.s] – Vol. 1, p. 146]

“Indeed ‘Ali [‘a.s] is the leader of the pious and the head of the pure righteous ones and the Commander of the Faithful.” [Amaali as-Sadooq – P. 352]

“If I had not created ‘Ali [‘a.s], there would have been no suitable husband for [Lady] Faatimah [‘a.s] among Adam’s descendants and progeny.” [‘Uyoon Akhbaar ar-Ridhaa [‘a.s] – P. 203]
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah
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Re: IMAM ‘ALI [‘A.S]

Postby Brother in Islam » 12 Dec 2010, 14:59

How great is Imam Ali..we pray we can follow his path and the path of his master and teacher the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

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