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“I am so self-sufficient that I am in no need of having an associate. Thus, he who does an action for someone else’s sake, as well as Mine, will have that action renounced by Me to him whom he associated with Me.” [Ma’aani al-Akhbaar – P. 124]

“O’ Adam’s descendant! Be my devoted servant so that I make your heart empty of needs.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 83]

“Remember Me privately and in happiness so that I remember you whenever you are in a state of heedlessness.” [Amaali as-Sadooq - P. 254]

“Do not haste whenever stand to prayer before Me.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 46]

“And that is what is between you and Me: You pray and I answer!” [Al-Khisaal - Vol. 1, p. 244]

“Do not be angry with the people I gave you power over, so that I do not be angry with you.” [Usool al-Kafi - Vol. 2, p. 303]

“Remembering Me is good in any condition.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 497]

“Whoever remembers Me, I will be his companion.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 496]

“Become close to Me by the recommended religious precepts.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 8, p. 132]

“Whoever bothers My devoted servant declares war on Me.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 350]

“Be modest whenever you remember Me.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 497]

“The belief that “There is no god save ‘Allah” is My fortress. Whoever enters it will be safe from My punishment.” [Amaali as-Sadooq – P. 235]

“If Ahl al-Bayt [‘a.s] did not exist, I would have created neither you nor paradise, hell, sky or the earth.” [Ma’aani al-Akhbaar – P. 124]

“My servant will not become closer to Me but by doing acts obligatory upon him until I love him. And anyone I love, I will be his ear to hear, his eye to see, his tongue to talk and his hands to empower. If he prays I will answer his prayers and if he asks Me, I will bestow upon him everything he wants.” [Usool al-Kafi – Vol. 2, p. 353]
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