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The Meaning of ‘Allah [t.w.t]

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 19:19
by Muntazir
We say the word “ ‘Allah” many times in a day, but if one asks the meaning of ‘Allah, we take some time out thinking what to give as an answer.

Many of us usually say: “ ‘Allah – the only One God, or the God of Muslims, …” but there’s more to that. Let’s read from the Ahlal-Bayt [‘a.s]:

Imam ‘Ali [‘a.s] said:

“ ‘Allah means: The worshipped One, by Whom people are bewildered, and to Whom they are submissive. ‘Allah is the One veiled from the grasp of sights, and the One hidden from imagination and contemplation.” – Al-Tawhid: p. 89, no. 2

He [‘a.s] also said on the exposition of the word ‘Allah:

“He is One Whom every creature invokes at the time of need, difficulty, [when] losing hope in everything else and having no means but Him.” – Ibid: p. 231, no. 5

Imam Baaqir [‘a.s] said:

“ ‘Allah means the One Who is worshipped and Whom people are too bewildered to comprehend His essence and fathom His identity.” – Ibid: p. 89, no. 2

Imam Kaadhim [‘a.s] said:

“He Who dominates everything great and small.” – Kaafi: vol. 1, p. 115, no. 3

Imam Ridhaa [‘a.s] said:

“In the name of ‘Allah, Mighty and Exalted, is the attestation to His Lordship and His Oneness.” – ‘Uyoon akhbaar ar-Ridhaa [‘a.s]: vol. 2, p. 93, no. 1

Re: The Meaning of ‘Allah [t.w.t]

Posted: 17 Aug 2013, 12:29
by Abu Fauzi
Salaam everyone,
It is indeed so, as our Moderator observes above on Knowing Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Lord and Cherisher of the Universe. Allah is not just Most Great, but too Great to be perceived by the Senses and too deep to be understood by the Intellect. Too great indeed to be known by anything other than Him....only Allah (fully) Knows Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He...