Introduction to Ahkaam - Lesson 2

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Introduction to Ahkaam - Lesson 2

Postby Muntazir » 16 Apr 2010, 14:04

Our need for Islamic Laws (احکام):

We are in a constant attack by evil and we try hard to be strong and faithful to our promises but we end up weakening and committing sins.

Every human being is surrounded by a beautiful life that he/she needs to take care of and safeguard it from mistakes and destruction, but Satan is not an ordinary creation of ‘Allah (s.w.’a)! He worshiped our Creator for forty thousand years before he was cursed from the heavens. He was the closest to ‘Allah (s.w.’a) from all other angels and knew all the secrets of the skies and the heavens, therefore, this is not an ordinary enemy we’re up against with!

However, ‘Allah (s.w.’a) has not abandoned us aside, He has promised to take care and to provide us with the true teachings and secret path ways towards Him and these are non other than the Laws of our religion.

He has warned us of Satan’s traps and He has taught us how to protect ourselves from our avowed enemy. He Knows that we’re weak from our bodies to our spirits, whether we’re alone or in groups, in this world or in the hereafter (because of Satan’s misguidance our hereafter will also turn into hell) so therefore He taught us the ways of protecting ourselves from Satan’s whispers and it is upon us to either follow them (the ways of ‘Allah (s.w.’a)) or to follow our own desires.

We, at many cases, are incapable of solving our own problems and this is because we can’t think of any solution to them. ‘Allah (s.w.’a) is all Aware about this and hence has taught mankind the ways of reaching to Perfection just by following His commands.

As an example, whenever we buy an advanced Mp3 Player, we read the Booklet to be more efficient with its use, but what if we buy something complicated and we don’t find the booklet? We immediately return to the store either asking for another pack or for the booklet. It is as similar, how can ‘Allah (s.w.’a) create something without mentioning anything about it? If He created us in this massive universe, He should also then provide us with a manual. An advanced Robot cannot operate itself until information and data is installed in it, we are also living robots in this world and we also need information and data on how to live a successful and peaceful life as it is out of our reach to comprehend the laws of our life.

To conclude, we all need a true guidance from our Creator and hence we need to follow His laws so as to be successful and prosperous in this life and the life hereafter.
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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