..words of truth..

Imagination is what inspires creativity. How far can you go? From poetry - for there is a poet in all of us - to literature and action thrillers. This is the place to let him loose. Please only post your ORIGINAL POETRY AND FICTION.
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..words of truth..

Postby *Fatemah* » 03 Nov 2004, 17:21

s/a everyone....this is somethin tht i want to share with everyone....its somethin about life....enjoy!!!

The journey we travel in life
We have trials to help us come to the light.
The ups and downs makes us strong
If you pray it gets easier as you go along.
Humble yourself to God up above
He will comfort and show his love.
He said, who is burdened come to me
I will make life easier, you will see.

Mankind is living in their own flesh
How do they expect for God to bless.
They try doing it on their own
Gods way is right, theirs is wrong.
To believe is not a crime
Go to him and make that bond.
Be last and put him first in line
Your life will do just fine.
Enclosing this poem I would like to say
God is with us every day
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Postby abuali » 20 Nov 2004, 13:53

Thats a nice poem Fatemah

Thumbs up!

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