Roses as red as blood...

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Roses as red as blood...

Postby abuali » 17 Oct 2004, 01:32

Roses as red as blood,
Grow throughout my garden,
The bungalow looks majestic,
With its inhabitants using 'Beg your pardon'

Four million dollars stand inside my fence,
With a pool right on top of the hill,
A stable full of healthy horses,
And a scenery of which one cannot have enough fill.

Two hundred and fifty acres of heaven on earth,
With a family so loving,
One would say I had it all,
Though I felt something missing.

What was it?

What went wrong?
A good life and wealth i had,
Still, it was not as it should have been

What went wrong?

A man with ragged and torn clothes,
carrying something that looks like a bag over his shoulder,
with a severe burn on his right hand
and having a wooden support for his missing left leg.

He had this to say:

There is war going on all over,
Gunshots have become pleasant to the ear,
A roofless brick box serves as home,
You might wonder but to us its dear.

With a wife and two kids to feed,
Dont make things easy to handle,
Sometimes the day passes without a bite,
And we are leeft with one half burned candle.

"Wow, thats a pity", you would say,
But you might turn green and blue,
When i told you that before we go to bed,
We always say, God Almighty, Thank you!

Satisfaction comes from thankfully accepting what you have, be it even a few crumbs of bread. Wanting more can only result in misery.

by Hasin Ramin
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Postby Umm.aly » 17 Oct 2004, 12:21

How right you are! we truly lack contentment..
This world would be a much better place if everyone would be thankful for what they have..
It's said that thankfulness is a continuous process, for every one thanks that you give, you have to thank God, for giving you the ability to be thankful..

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