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Postby Umm.aly » 30 Oct 2004, 00:30

The moon on the 15th night of a month is truly a beautiful sight, Subhanallah, however, looking at the full moon today, gave me a sad feeling, half of this Holy Month of Ramadhan has GONE!
I had written this poem sometime ago.. the beauty of the full moon, and a friend's poetic description inspired the imagination!


As the moon rose to it's full glory,
Rising from the shadows of the clouds.
Glowing a pale golden yellow,
Quietly escaping the vapour shrouds.

As the night lay in silnce,
The moon spread its golden glow.
It soon turned a silvery light,
As it climbed higher; steady and slow.

It watched the Earth settle down,
And the inhabitants prepare to sleep.
While it gave light to the lone ships,
Who were far out in the sea so deep.

O Moon, what glory you show,
As you steal my breath away.
Indeed Praise be to Him,
Who created the Night from Day.

Just look at the moon..its shining high up there,
Doesn't it look like a lamp, floating in the air?
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Postby Tayyaba » 30 Oct 2004, 00:55

mashallah it is a very beautiful poem u have written there...thank you.

we all don usually sit and look around us what beautiful creation Allah (s.w.t) has created as we are soo busy in our own daily life...we all should stop and praise and thank the most high the most merciful..

Wasalaam.. :)

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