The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

Postby creative » 16 Feb 2005, 03:20

The Holocaust

Sun shone intensely on the girl who rode her bicycle, wind blew on her face,
The bike was taken away.
The darkness clouded the Sun.
The child played with her friend,
Her friend was no more.
The creeping clouds gathered and obliterated the Sun.
The girl went shopping with her mother,
She went into hiding.

She glanced out a window,
A window closed.
She talked to her brother,
She hid in wardrobes, cupboards,
Lived in fear,
She was trapped.
The sunset filled the sky.

She fell asleep in a rank truck,
Waking up later,
She laboured hard like a busy builder,
Woke up early,
Slept late with many people in the bunk,
Bugs biting, cramped.
Pushed, dragged, carried heavy objects,
Great pain coming upon her,
Scared of being gassed,
Total darkness.

She woke up.
No one to force her,
The sky awoke.

The Russians saved her,
Freed her, liberated her,
Taken to the country,
She was saved,
The sun shone intensely on the woman.

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