Rules & Regulations

Imagination is what inspires creativity. How far can you go? From poetry - for there is a poet in all of us - to literature and action thrillers. This is the place to let him loose. Please only post your ORIGINAL POETRY AND FICTION.
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Rules & Regulations

Postby abuali » 15 Jan 2005, 19:26

Salaam Alaykum,

I have decided to post this rules section for this particular category, after realizing that the small sentence that is part of the description for the category on the main page, is usually not read.

Please keep the following in mind while posting in this category: -

1. Every post in this category has to be your original work. Whichever poem you post, has to be something that you yourself have written.

2. Copy and paste jobs are not allowed. Please do not submit a poem that you received in an email forward or a poem written by someone else.

3. If you want to share a poem that you have not written, please use the General category.

4. If you have previously posted a poem that is not your original work, please inform me by way of PM or email and I shall move it to the general section.

5. The above is extremely necessary for the purpose of Ask! The Ask! team has cetain future plans which it cannot reveal at the moment, but all the above rules have been devised with this plan in mind. Please abide by these rules, and let us know if there is a poem already posted which is not your original work.

6. To this end, since whatever is posted here will be the original work of the submitter/poster, please do sign the end of the poem with your name and if possible, the date of when you wrote it.

P.S. Do get other peoples opinions on your poem by setting up a poll vote.

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