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Posted: 29 Nov 2004, 23:47
by Sanna
Every situation is a lesson to be learned. From the most
mundane chores to the most complex projects, life is always
ready to teach you something.

Life is ready to teach when you are willing to learn. And
the more you learn from what life offers, the better life

The lessons are usually not all that obvious. Yet they are
there if you will think to take a look. The lessons are
there in every moment, in every dilemma, in every
frustration and every joy. They are there in every sadness,
every victory, every discomfort and every pleasure.

Each lesson you learn paves the way for a new and even more
valuable one. Each lesson you ignore keeps coming back,
again and again.

One way or another, life will teach you its lessons. When
you're a willing student, those lessons are pure gold.

Posted: 04 Dec 2004, 17:54
by shaziya
I completly agree and thanks for remindin me what life really is...
Afterall the gretest exam of all is ... LIFE

very wise words and must say that u can really describe life ... as a lesson and unfortuntately it is very true that we dont see the lesson behind every sad or happy situation. :(

Posted: 04 Dec 2004, 19:14
by Sanna
hey shaziya thanks....

i know dis article.. really show what lesson we learn in teaches alot...

n thanks for reading