The seed Within...

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angel fa
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The seed Within...

Postby angel fa » 19 Apr 2006, 02:01

An infantile seed, carried by the wind,
whirls around until reaching its final goal.

Its roots extend and then take firm hold,
embedded deeply within the nourishing soil.

Hence springs forth, for all eyes to behold,
the glorious vision of a grand sycamore.

Indeed is the Plan, the best of Designs,
Decreed by the Wisdom of our Mighty Lord.

Each creation carries its own seed within,
following along a similar course.

A miniscule entity may be our start,
ahead of us, great things may be in store.

The outcome of our seed is yet to be seen.
That which we reap proceeds from what we sow.

Indeed is the Plan, the best of Designs,
Decreed by the Wisdom of our Great Creator.

*This is jus a forward tha i copied from the net .... hope i can write somethin like this...
PS: hope yu guys like it! :)
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Re: The seed Within...

Postby sadika » 14 Aug 2013, 20:43

written by?
Sadika - A Muslimah in search of the truth

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