What is love

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What is love

Postby Sanna » 19 Nov 2004, 21:45

What is love?
No words can define it,
Its sometimes so great
Openly allah could design it....
Wonder of wonders
Byond man's conception,
And only in Allah
Can love find true perfection,
For loves is enduring
And patient and kind,
it judges all things
with the heart not the mind,
and love can transform
The most common place
into beauty and splendor
and sweetness and grace...
love is to Allah
for love is unselfish,
giving more than it takes,
and no matter what happens
love never forsakes,
its faithful and trusting
and always beliving,
guileless and honest
and never deceiving...
Yes, love is beyond
what man can define,
for love is imomortal
and Allah's Gift is Divine![/b]

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