The Story of Abbas

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The Story of Abbas

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 12 Nov 2013, 04:05

This is the story of a young man,
In whose veins ran the blood of the best clan,
An answer to the prayer of his father Aly,
To his brother Husayn, he was the best wali.

His eyes stayed closed after his birth,
Till he was encompassed in Husayn's girth,
Brother to brother, eye to eye,
Never again till the day he'd die.

He thought himself a slave to Husayn,
Discomfort to Husayn was to him pain,
In the battles people thought he was Haider,
Such good and moral was he a fighter.

On the way to Kerbala, a great test,
When they encountered Hur as a guest,
Water was provided to enemy forces,
At Husyan's command he even watered their horses.

The greater test was yet to come,
To put down his sword against the scum,
With a simple weapon, water he fetched,
In the books of history, his name was etched.

Alas yet to end was the difficult test,
Water had to reach the tent on Sakina's behest,
Not to be, as a coward struck from behind,
An arrow pierced the gourd and left him blind.

Abbas lay in Husayn's hand,
As the life of this world began to end,
A rueful smile on Abbas' face,
I have failed you, Oh God's grace.

His face and eyes in blood masked,
Call me brother once Husayn asked,
Brother to brother, eye to eye,
With throats dry, the final goodbye.

So pleased was the lord at this sacrifice,
From now on for needs, Abbas will suffice,
Since then, whenever in needs shortage,
The answer has always been Bab-al-Hawaij.
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Re: The Story of Abbas

Postby Moonbeam » 21 Dec 2013, 11:00

Amaaazzzing! Subhanallah.. i never knew english poetry can be written in a way that can move a person emotionally!

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