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Postby Insaan » 25 Nov 2009, 13:24


Various books of dua's and amals have daily Naqsh that one is required to look at, at a particular time. The Naqsh is a grid like box with characters inside and Allah's names. Each days Naqsh has a particular significance; increase in respect, protection against evil etc etc.

1. How is the grid supposed to be read? Just take a general look at it or read each character?
2. What is the importance of doing such a thing?
3. Has this been recommended by any of our Aimmahs or Prophet?
4. Is this practice recognized in Islam?
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Re: Naqsh

Postby abuali » 08 Apr 2011, 19:39

Answer by Shk. Aliasghar Karmali

Daily Naqsh doesn’t seem to be a practice which was done by the Imams as its not recorded in the famous dua books like Mafatihul Jinan.

The place it has been recorded is in the ALMANAC by Peer Ibrahim Trust.

But there is nothing wrong at looking at Allah's names, but the most important thing is for us to recite ourselves and try and become people who manifest God's attributes rather than just using it for naqsh. This is what the Infallible Imams have emphasized more upon.

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