[Answered]Intercession VS Idols of Prophet MUSA (as)

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[Answered]Intercession VS Idols of Prophet MUSA (as)

Postby smak786110 » 31 Aug 2009, 21:16


Sometimes its asked that:-
I think at the time of Prophet Musa, people started to make idols and through idols they did their intercession to God.
Than what is the difference between the Shia belief of the intercession different from the idols ??
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Re: Intercession VS Idols of Prophet MUSA (as)

Postby abuali » 08 Apr 2011, 19:53

Answer by Shk. Aliasghar Karmali

The history of idols doesn’t start at the time of H.Musa (as) but earlier than that.

And the problem with Saamiree who made the idol from gold at the time of H.Musa (as) is that he made it so that he can make up his own religion apart from the religion of God which was H.Musa's religion at that time.

Thus idols or anything else which has not been chosen as an intercessor by God cannot intercede because it doesn’t have any powers.

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