A brief biography of Sheikh Safdar Razi

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A brief biography of Sheikh Safdar Razi

Postby abuali » 29 Aug 2009, 18:25


He was born in Karachi Pakistan, in 1964, moved to Dubai, UAE 1966,
after that to Doha Qatar in 1970 where he got married and his kids were born ,
until 2000 when he moved to Austin, Texas, in 2007 to Dearborn , MI,
and in 2009 to Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

His paternal Grandparents lived in Ginga Uganda (east Africa) till 1940s when they left to Bombay India, where his father was born. His mother was born in Bahunagar Gujraat in India.
He is a Khoja Shia Ithnasheri with Arabic tongue and diverse in nature.

He has studied both types of Islamic education religious in which he has a post graduate diploma in Islamic religious laws, and Bsc in Zoology/ chemistry, beside working in the religious field for about 20 years , he worked in a hospital as a certified Respiratory therapist by the American board of respiratory care in a hospital in Qatar.

Sheikh razi says
I do not consider my self an AALIM or a scholar, but a seeker of knowledge and a least servant of our beloved 12th Imam (AJ) putting in my mind that there are around me who are much better and closer to Allah swt than me, and more knowledgable than me, but when ever my help is needed i try my best to help in what ever I can.

He is also the Director and the Instructor of ALQAEM (aj) INSTITUTE (HOWZA) of Advanced Islamic Studies in Islamic Law and Theology (http://www.alqaeminstitute.org)

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