[Answered]Zakat ul Fitr

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[Answered]Zakat ul Fitr

Postby Hussaini » 24 Aug 2009, 19:58

Salaams there;

A coup[le of questions on fitro:

1. Can when pay in advance before the eid it self.

2. Can one pay more than what is supposed to be paid , calcualting number of people in ur house and put extra.

3. Does the recepient have to know that is fitro money.

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Re: Zakat ul Fitr

Postby Sheikh Razi » 15 Oct 2009, 01:42


1. Yes it can be paid.

2. ZAKAAT FITRA is paid in exchange of food item which is normally consumed by the people of the city or the country in general, and there must be a
variety of items from cheap to expensive, such as dates for example, so if a
person would like to pay extre then he can always choose the items which are
expensive and affordable to him.
Any thing above ZAKAAT ALFITRA should not be given with the intention of
ZAKAAT ALFITRAH, but with the intention of general Charity "SADQA".

3. No he doesn't , and informing him is not an obligation as long as he is a
deserving recipient

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