[Answered] 1st Ramadhan

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[Answered] 1st Ramadhan

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 23 Aug 2009, 17:35

In parts of India, the moon for the first of the month of Ramadhan was not seen even though the moon calculators, I used said the moon should have been easily visible. The eve of the first was rainy and pretty cloudy.

As a precaution, I fasted according to the calculator.
Question is, when do I consider the laylatul Qadr. According to the calculations which are accurate and reliable or the clumsy moon sighting. The jamaat is following the moon sighting and so I am one day ahead of them.

I dont know if this makes any sense to you :oops:
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Re: 1st Ramadhan

Postby Sheikh Razi » 01 Sep 2009, 22:46

The ruling of of relying on the words of the scientist is taken
if there was satisfaction for their accuracy, there has been cases where
they were proven wrong in their calculations which are based on equations
and not scientific observation , therefore if the scientist said that the
moon was in the horizon in a way that it can be sighted but due to certain
circumstances it was not sighted then in this case if such information
caused certainty or satisfaction then it should be taken into consideration
and moonsighting will not be obligatory.

In your case I don't know how much accuracy was there in the scientific
information, for that refer to the scholars of your community and see what
was decided by them if such gave you satisfaction, and you can consider the
night of QADR based on what we mentioned above.

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