[Answered] Sports in Islam

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[Answered] Sports in Islam

Postby abuali » 23 Aug 2009, 03:27


I have heard the traditions of the Holy Prophet(SAWW) encouraging the learning of horse-riding and archery.

However I have not come across any ahadith about the good or bad of competitive sports like football, cricket etc.

What is the Islamic point of view?
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Re: Sports in Islam

Postby Sheikh Razi » 29 Aug 2009, 21:34

Many sports practiced now a days were not practiced in the days of the Infallibles (AS) therefore you will not find any hadeeth on it, but in general any sports which fall under the following conditions is permitted:

* Is not made for gambling purpose
* It is not associated with gambling
* does not have any immoral and unislamic nature or characteristics (such as for example abusing games or discriminate nature or which have nakedness in it)
* does not prevent a person from performing important obligations and responsibilities

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