Which school did everyone study in (or still studying in)?

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Which secondary school did you go to?

Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School
Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary
Another secondary school apart form the above
I am not yet into secondary school
Total votes: 25
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Postby kulsham » 25 Feb 2007, 15:56

(V)$ wrote:salaamz
although this poll was set ages ago bt i saw it today...lol..
anywayz i started nursery in upanga primary skul..
did my primary at al muntazir until grade 2...
frm grade 3 was at aga khan primary..
just finishd my nationals form 4 at mzizima :D:D:D :D :D

how's that possible? *scratch head*

nice thread...

I was at Clock tower nursery school for less than a year
then joined Union nursery school
then upanga primary school (good old days..)
then Al - Muntazir Isl. Seminary ( O levels ) (again.. good old days ) - best school.
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Re: Which school did everyone study in (or still studying in)?

Postby mehjabeen » 15 Feb 2012, 00:08

i did ma primary education in nguzo primary school which is in morogoro til the third grade and then shifted to dar since then have been in almis til i finished ma o levels

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