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When I grow up I am going to be Accountant? a Doctor? a Pharmacist? a Programmer? This is the place to tell us about your choice and the reasons for your choice, and to seek advice from others.

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My Career

Postby ally » 29 Dec 2004, 12:57

Salaamun Alaikum All brothers and Sisters.
Inshallah I will be now entering Form 3 next year at our community school AL-MUNTAZIR ISLAMIC SEMINARY. I have decided to choose science stream as I want to take some field in science {Idon't know which one}!!!
I need your help in this as it is a matter of my life.
Please reply soon.
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Postby Nayaab » 02 Jan 2005, 12:27

Wa alaykum salaam,
Its great that your mind is made up that u want to take science! Most ppl get stuck right at that decision! ;)
Well, what kind of help do u need with your decision making? Do you have any careers in mind? If not, what fields interest you?
One advice: since your mind is not made up as to what you would like to do, i strongly suggest you finish your secondary ed with A-levels. Even if you have decided upon a field which doesnt require A-levels, u never know when you might change ur mind (believe me, it happens a lot!!)
Let me know when u need any help ill b glad to do something
"If you want to do it, you will."
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Postby abuali » 03 Jan 2005, 19:07

Alaykum Salaam

I agree with Nayaab. Take your time. You still have a couple of years before you really have to decide.

I can imagine the dilemma. However, take it easy, finish O-levels, and I WOULD RECOMMEND that you do A-LEVELS...they are very important.

During A Levels, you can start exploring the options you have. Start with the careers that interest you...research about them thoroughly (hooray for the internet) and then decide which one you would like to give a shot to.

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