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by Fatimah Zahra Karim
19 Nov 2004, 12:55
Forum: General Issues
Topic: Earings AND Haircuts for males
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my opinion

i dont think its haraam, heres y it is haraam to do nythin tht makes u luk like sumthin ur not...or is an identifyin symbol 4 a religion 2 which u dont belong. eg its haraam 2 put on a chando coz only hindus do tht. so it wud b haraam for guys to do nythin which makes them luk lyk girls. so for the ...
by Fatimah Zahra Karim
03 Nov 2004, 22:58
Forum: Q & A with Sh. Saqalain Abbas
Topic: [Answered]Astronomy & Horoscopes
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horoscopes r inaccurate

according to those who study astronomy n predict ur future, for the prediction to be accurate, it has to be based on the exact time of ur birth. in ths regard, the horoscope columns are useless since they r too general. as for the accurate horoscopes: it is haraam to believe them since Allah(swt) is...
by Fatimah Zahra Karim
03 Nov 2004, 22:21
Forum: Hijab
Topic: WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME......
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Beautifully put. it really makes u think n realize the importance n benefits of hijab. if u wrote it urself, congrats. shows ur thinking...n ur good at writing poetry too. good work

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